International Conference on Advanced Communication Systems and Information Security (ACOSIS'16)
October 17-19, 2016 Marrakesh, Morocco

Tutorial Training

Due to some recent developments, the tutorial-training had to be removed from the program. We apologize for any inconvenience.


This extensive tutorial will present next generation of emerging technologies and architectures for access and backhaul/fronthaul network design.


  • Deadline: October 1, 2016
  • Price: 500 €
  • Places: Number of places is limited



Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir

  Carleton University

Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir (S'04, M'10, SM'16) is a Senior Researcher at Carleton University, Canada where he is serving as a project manager for Carleton-Industry collaborative R&D projects and leading the Teams working on SDN-driven fronthauling and Drones-based communications.


Muhammad Ali Imran

  University of Surrey

Muhammad Ali Imran (M’03–SM’12) received his M.Sc. (Distinction) and Ph.D. degrees from Imperial College London, UK, in 2002 and 2007, respectively. Starting from September 2016, he is appointed as a Professor in Communication Systems in University of Glasgow, Vice Dean of Glasgow College UESTC and Program Director of Electrical and Electronics with Communications.


Mohamed-Slim Alouini

  Saudi Arabia

Mohamed-Slim Alouini (S'94, M'98, SM'03, F'09) received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1998. Then in 2009 he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia as a Professor of Electrical Engineering. His current research interests include the modeling, design, and performance analysis of wireless communication systems.


To download the PDF version of the Tutorials & Trainings, click here.

Part I - Introduction (1 hr)

Introduction and Approach – International 5G Work streams
  • Motivations of 5G networks
  • User and operator perspectives
  • 5G KPI Targets and Objectives
  • Road map to 1000-x 5G networks
  • Taxonomy of 5G networks

System Architecture and Coexistence
  • 5G Cellular Network Architecture
  • Spectrum Allocation and Management for 5G

Part II - Access Networks (2 hr)

Underlying Access Technologies
  • Self-Organized Networking
  • Physical Layer Technologies
  • New Medium Access Control (MAC) and RRM
  • Multicell Joint Processing and Cloud radio acces networks (C-RAN)
  • Antenna Design and Propagation in mmWave

Part III - Backhaul/Fronthaul (2 hr)

Backhaul/fronthaul Technologies & Design
  • HetNets: Backhaul/Fronthaul Requirements
  • Hybrid RF Backhaul/fronthaul Approaches
  • Vertical Fronthaul for 5G
  • Mm-wave Massive MIMO for fronthaul

Part IV – Standardisation and Commercialisation (1 hr)

5G Testbed and Proof of Concept Activities Worldwide
  • University of Surrey
  • Kings College London
  • Rutgers University, NJ
  • New York University NYU Wireless
  • Overview of initiatives by DOCOMO, Huawei, Samsung, Ericsson

Standardisation and Implementation roadmaps
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
  • Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Commercialization

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